Jon Leirdal Photography
Jon Leirdal Photography

About LeirdalPhoto

Hi, so nice of you to come visit my photography business site. My name is Jon Leirdal and Leirdal Photo is a small one-man business that I started in 2013. Friends of mine wanted to hire me for small photography assignments, and I wanted to do everything correctly. That is why I started a small company called Leirdal Photo based from my home-address in Drøbak.

My main income is from working as a software architect at Statens Vegvesen, and photography is something I do to fulfill my artistic urges and to improve my photography skills.

If you would like to hire me for some assignments, have a look around on my site to see what kind of photography I have done, or contact me if you want to know more.

Here are some examples of assignments that I have done so far:

  • Company profiles
  • Employee pictures
  • Event photography (documenting an event)
  • Group photography

In addition to this I take a lot of pictures based on my own interests, and some of those are available to purchase if there is an interest for that.

You might find photos among else in the following categories

  • Landscape
  • Wildlife/Nature
  • Portraits
  • Street Photography
  • Macro

If you see a photo you like on any of my sites, contact me and maybe we can come to an arrangement.